IG S’mores

When it comes to financial advice, many people don’t realize they are missing out. They think the advice they are getting from their bank is adequate. In this national campaign, we wanted people to know that they ‘deserve more’.

IG Wealth Management

We wanted to inspire people to walk for a good cause, and help raise awareness in the fight against Alzheimer’s disease. One thing we knew, most people who choose to walk have a friend or family member afflicted by the disease. Everyone has a reason for walking. The big idea was simple and poignant – … Read More

Black’s Camera

We wanted customers to make blacks.ca part of their everyday routine. It was about helping them appreciate and see their life in pictures. It soon became apparent that the pictures we take in life become the stories we tell about our lives. Coining the tagline “The Greatest Stories Never Told”, the campaign tells the real, … Read More

Mackenzie Investments Earth Day

We didn’t just want to say ‘happy earth day’. We wanted to do more – we wanted to inspire financial advisors to talk to clients about sustainable investing alternatives. The creative solution? A travel show with a twist. The destination? Planet earth, a beautiful place to visit, except for all those ‘annoying’ climate change issues. … Read More

Mackenzie Retirement

There’s a new retirement income reality out there, and many Canadians have questions. Will I have enough income to last? Where will it come from? In this campaign we positioned Mackenzie as a ‘core’ retirement income partner. A partner who answers questions, and offers the type of in-depth retirement insights and expertise you need. So, … Read More

President’s Choice Financial

It was a pitch for President’s Choice Financial. We were asked to develop a new brand story, tagline and visual identity for the Canadian bank. The result? A brand story that centered around a ‘better recipe for banking’, leveraging the successful PC brand, and playing off of it in a way that customers would naturally … Read More


A new Starbucks at Home website was being created for worldwide rollout. However, the Canadian client wanted something less corporate. This site was created in response to that. With a warm personal feel, it serves up roast information, recipes and brew tips in way that inspires visitors to become their own barista.

IG Snapshot

Many Canadians don’t have a comprehensive financial plan. And, many feel their existing plan doesn’t consider all aspects of their financial lives. To get them interested in working with an IG Advisor, we promoted Snapshot. An easy to use tool that serves up a financial well-being score in less than 15 minutes. Here, we demonstrate … Read More

IG Flagship Brochure

Some people have financial advisors who’ve let them down. Others don’t realize that they deserve one, or that there’s a better option out there. In this piece, we wanted to share the IG story in an engaging and highly readable way. We wanted to show people what’s possible when you work with an IG advisor, … Read More


How do you deliver the experience of driving a Jeep in a banner? First, you build a topographical map. Next, you hand over the controls and let people do the driving. Add sound effects and you’ve got a hands-on Jeep experience. One that lives up to the brand slogan ‘Have fun out there’. The results? … Read More

Bank of America

Bank of America card holders get free access to museums and galleries nation-wide. We promoted this with a banner campaign that pushed the brand into a playful space, while sharing some of learnings you get when you visit a museum or gallery.

IG Climate Action Portfolios

People want to invest their money wisely and see a return. But many want to ‘do good’ as well. IG’s Climate Action Portfolios helps them achieve both objectives. Here, we emphasize the seriousness of climate change with the message ‘the time to act is now’ – and inspire people to consider sustainable investments, now.

Mackenzie ETFs

Young DIY investors buy their ETFs from a small handful of providers. They find a provider they like and stay loyal. So, how do you get them to see you as a viable alternative in a crowded space? You brand your ETFs as the M Collection (think Mackenzie), and take inspiration from the world of … Read More

IG Wealth of Women’s Stories

With this podcast series, we wanted to carve out a space where women’s voices are celebrated and their stories shared. We don’t talk about RRSPs or TFSAs. We talk about passions, perseverance, resilience, and triumph. Through powerful storytelling, our aim was to inspire all women to live life on their own terms. The episode featuring … Read More

Novel Excerpt

You’ll find that many writers in the ad business have a film script or novel-in-progress tucked into a dark desk drawer – I am one of them. I’ve been working on this novel ‘on’ and ‘off’ for a few years. It’s a coming of age story about a young girl who is inching her way … Read More